Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

The above diagram depicts the Australia Good Meh Cycle. At the end of the day, you have to understand what it is that you really want in life regardless of what others tell you.

If you ask a migration agent, he'll probably tell you only half the truth - the good half. 

If you talk to your cousin living in Sydney, he or she will reply, "Why not? Come over before it is too late! Do it for your kids mah! Can survive one lah!"

If you ask your friend in Malaysia, he will probably say, "No need to migrate one lah!" while he'd 'secretly' lodge in his application to the Australian High Commission.

But if you talk to an Australian residing in Malaysia, he will tell you Malaysia is better than Australia.  

Who do you believe? Who should you trust? Nobody including me. 

But how can one trust him or herself when he/she does not know enough? 

Australia Good Meh Dot Com is aimed at informing readers like no mainstream media or books have ever done before. We tell you the good, beautiful and bright side of Australia without hiding the bad, ugly and dark side so that you will be well-equipped to make up your own mind (to migrate or not to migrate) without letting anyone influencing your decision-making process at all. 

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Below are clips from some of the people interviewed for the Making It in Australia Today book project. 

Making It in Australia: The Story of Joyce Ng (founder and editor of JOM Magazine) September 11, 2013 at 10:57pm Yesterday morning (on the Tuesday of 10 September 2013), Ilja and Ken interviewed the young, multi-talented, energetic and fast-talking journalist-cum-entrepreneur Ms Joyce Ng.
Listen to the story of Chris Robinson ... the man behind the success of Killing Heidi
Uploaded by Ken Soong on 2015-05-04.
MAKING IT IN AUSTRALIA: The Story of Ugur Cris Tumkaya ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cris is an international student studying Diploma of Business. He comes from Turkey and plays club football (soccer) at Doncaster Rovers Soccer Club based in Doncaster East, a Melbourne suburb.
Uploaded by gandhigujarati on 2013-10-27.
Uploaded by gandhigujarati on 2013-10-30.



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