About Ken

Ken Soong is a Kuala Lumpur born and bred Malaysian who has been living in Australia since 2004. He considers himself being fortunate enough to be working as a college teacher and sessional university lecturer and tutor with some of Australia's finest educational institutions.


Ken is also an Advanced Learning Coach at Tansel Institute an organisation that is dedicated to maximizing the  power of the human brain. Tansel Institute is the brainchild of Tansel Ali, a four-time Australian Memory Champion and world leading memory expert.


Ken enjoys reading, writing blog posts, getting in shape both physically and mentally and spending time with his family. Some of the people Ken follows on the internet of late are Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Dambisa Moyo, Eckhart Tolle, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Gunaratana Mahathera, Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin, Chandran Nair, Kishore Mahbubani, Ramit Sethi, Danny Quah, KC Lau, Tony Pua and Tim Ferris.  

Currently, Ken lives in Melbourne. Throughout his career, he has been involved in sales and marketing, human resource training and development, academic teaching and educational research, book writing and publishing.

Ken holds a Bachelor of Business and a Masters of Business from Charles Sturt University in New South Wales and a Master of Education from Deakin University in Victoria. He has also been a member of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management, Australian Association of Research in Education and Australian Linguistic Society. 


Planning to migrate to Australia?


The idea of migrating to Australia has always been a fairly appealing one to most Malaysians, Singaporeans, Southeast Asians, Asians and pretty much people the world over. While different people have different ideas about how their lives will play out as migrants in Australia, their expectations are pretty much shaped by the positive, healthy, 'first world', sunshine-and-green-grass image,  projected by the mainstream media, the public discourse that we have engaged in among friends and relatives. But are things really that rosy? Are there any pieces of important factual information and perspectives that you need to know before making that great leap of faith - a leap that that is not only costing you a great financial fortune but also your marriage, family, relationships, health career? And perhaps the more important question for you is "Are you gambling your children's future by uprooting them from Malaysia/Singapore, and resettling them in Australia?" And if indeed you have made up your mind, what are the do's and don'ts, should and should-not's, survival and success tips that you should know (that I wish I had known) so that costly mistakes would have been avoided in this high stake journey? 

My brother and I have co-written Migrating to Australia Good Meh??? to help readers make more informed decisions in this regard - especially from a Malaysian and Singaporean perspective. Lo and behold, to our surprise, the number of people who wants to know the pros and cons (especially the pitfalls and challenges your migration agent, friend or cousin  might have forgotten to inform you or they have informed you but you refused to take heed) turned out to be much larger than we'd expected!

Hence, together with our Swiss friend, Mr Ilja Thomas Gull, we wrote two more books to further help our readers, Making It in Australia (a collection of stories of how migrants and locals from different walks of life are finding success in Australia) and Buying a Residential Property in Australia: Eight Things You Should Know Before Doing It!

As we speak, I am currently working on another book that talks about the challenges that Australia as a nation would face and how it would affect the new migrants (from Southeast Asia especially Malaysians and Singaporeans) arriving on Australian shores today and in the years to come.

You deserve to know more...

This website is created to hold all the relevant information that might be of great assistance to you in one place in order to save you the time and trouble of going all over the internet searching for bits and pieces of Australia-related information here and there.  


Whether you have made up your mind or are just toying with the idea of migrating, this site is for you. After spending a little over a decade working and living in Australia, I have come to conclude that our thought process revolves around the following steps cyclically:
Migrating to Australia Good Meh???


If YES, go do the necessary research, visit the cities you considering migrating to.


Once you settle in Australia, quit the rat race, work towards financial freedom and seek the true meaning of life because at the end of the day, it is not the country (or more precisely, the government of the day there) that will save you and your family.


If you answer NO to the question, we have something useful and relevant for you also - stories of amazing individuals finding success in Malaysia and the ASEAN region, the importance of living a purposeful and meaningful life, unleashing our unlimited potential by living our life to the fullest and quitting the rat race. 


Are you happy right here sitting in front of your computer screen right now? What are you seeking for in life? What is life's true meaning? Undeniably, everything we do in life is done with the aim of pursuing happiness. I migrated to Australia 12 years ago because I was in search of happiness. In other words, migrating to Australia was my means goal. Little did I know then, happiness is something we allow; not something we pursue - meaning it can happen in Malaysia as much as in Australia! Now I know. Better late than never.

Once again, thanks for being here. I am looking forward to connecting with each and every one of you who writes in. Have a truly happy and successful day ahead, people!

Yours truly,

Ken Soong