As history unfolds...

Never underestimate what one person, especially one who is more than 90years old, can do to an entire nation.

I now look around and find that many older people aren’t that old anymore. I must admit that I regarded them as being too old and are becoming not as relevant as before. I now realise that my perception was mostly wrong.

Since the momentous event on 9 May 2018 I have also realised now that things are more possible than I had thought. It is almost impossible to imagine the Opposition victory without the leadership of Tun M. Yes Tun alone would not have done it without the acceptance of and help from so many towering figures of the Oppostion. People like Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and also not forgetting the beloved late Karpal Singh plus a whole list of other Oppsotion members and supporters and the voting Rakyats.

You see this event has renewed my faith in this principle of taking good care of one self, being one’s best friend (not worst enemy) and making yourself useful to yourself first, changing and improving oneself first is the single most important first step in helping our family, community and the whole country. Actually our GE results have given hopes to many other nationalities as well. People who don’t follow Malaysian politics were moved to tears. They cried tears of joy for not only the Rakyat of Malaysia but for righteousness for good overcoming evil and for doing something for the greater good.

The road ahead is tough. Let’s not over ameliorate the Malaysian socio-economic and political landscape going forward. But when I watch the meeting of two great men, Robert Kuok saluting to Tun M, my respect for the two men lit up like Rosmah’s hair-spray covered hair going up in flames.

Two men well above their 90s, getting back to work to put their country back on track to becoming a developed nation by 2020. What can be more inspiring than that?

kuok tun M.jpg


I know there will still be a group of people who will still complain no matter who their leaders are and what they do. They have made complaining about Malaysian politics as their way of life for too long. But, honestly, when you see Tun M and Mr Kuok, both in their 90s, working together to rebuild their country, do you still have a reason to complain?

Where in the world have you seen men so old and yet so forward looking and so actively committed to their country’s affairs?

If the Great American Dream is about the possibility of working hard to advance one’s personal interests, then the Impian Raya Malaysia should be about living a clean lifestyle, stay healthy and asking what you can do for your country so that your country will in turn be able to do more for your children and grandchildren.

I am previleged to have witnessed this series of historic events unfold in my lifetime. I see what Tun M doing now as being comparable to what Deng did for China in his final years.

Men capable of putting their egos aside to right their past wrongs must not be taken lightly.

They deserve nothing less than respect, support and encouragement. Perceiving them this way, we can at least still learn something precious from them, rather than just criticising for the sake of criticising.

The ability to love is the greatest equalizer!

Yesterday I saw a father carrying his daughter on his shoulders. The girl was laughing happily. Her grandmother who was walking beside looked on with a face beaming with smile of great satisfaction and amusement. Daddy was walking on blissfully. It was a beautiful sight. As I was walking into the supermarket, this thought came to me. Everyone is capable of loving someone or something.

Yet the world is in the mess it finds itself in right now. Why? Because we love selectively. Not only that. We choose to love selectively the kind of people we want, the kinds of religions we approve of, the kinds of ideologies we choose to believe in, a certain type of look/appearance we approve of and those that we despise, hate, ignore and reject.

The man who carried her daughter on his shoulders. The prime minister of a country. The clergyman. The imam. The rabi. The monk. The teacher. The head of an organisation. The police. The soldier. The smooth criminal. The conman. The underground boss. All are capable of being loving and gentle to the people he or she chooses to love and protect. And yet will not hesitate to pull the trigger, slender or defame his 'enemy' and have no regard whatsoever to their enemies;' family and their next-of-kin.

If only we knew that all seven billion of us are all interrelated and somehow are pawns in someone else's games in one way or another, the world will be a much better place. No need to shout out to the world that we want to make the world a better place. The world do not need us to 'make it better' (which is really just a code word to mean 'want to make the world go MY way'). It does not need your way, his way, her way, or my way. It has its own way, the Creator's way long before we can even think!

Everybody should just be themselves and improve themselves and correct their misconceptions and the world will naturally be a much better place. I know one guy who cannot stop calling me now and then to tell me what he think is the better way to live one's life. But I do not see a happy and relaxed person in him. How the hell will i ever listen to him? Stop spreading message (or rather, prescribe solutions to others) even though we honestly think they are good. Good for us but might not be for others) as everyone is different.

Why can't we all just mind our own business, correct our own faults yet accept our imperfect selves and therefore also people around us, people and animal who ultimately share the same planet and universe and ultimately the same fate that applies to all living beings?

I guess I just want to say in some ways, the effort to 'make the world a better place' could be creating more problems for ourselves and everyone than if we just solve our own problems and that in itself is a lifelong undertaking already. Change the world? The world does not need us to change. Be happy with the way the world is right now and then we will know what needs to be done.

Knowledge is...

Knowledge is very important. knowledge is power. pursue knowledge we must BUT just don't end up as a knowledgeable idiot. there are so many of them around today

Not easy to be a non-idiot, we need wisdom.

An encounter with a Tranformer toy...

An encounter with a Transformer toy:

Bought a toy for my son. A Transformer robot... He played with it for a few days and then went back to the packaging, pointed at the instructions and told me to follow the three steps printed there. I asked him how was he able to understand the instructions. He said he knew it before I bought him the toys. Saw the ad on iPad and hence he asked specifically for that toy to be bought for him.

Step one, download the app. Two, scan the logo on his physical toy. Three, start playing or something, can't remember.

I went there for the first time, downloaded it. And wondered if it was free. Apparently, it was. Later, I found out that there are in-app purchases that will cost money. You play the game and if you want extra power or weapons, you need to purchase them in the app.

I read somewhere for the first time, the number of gamers are now more than the number of people playing physical sports and games in the world!

You see, I bought him this toy because it is off the screen. I paid the company money for him to play his toy physically BUT the company is not satisfied. They wanted more. They wanted to have our kids hooked on the screen so they play video games of the toys they hold in their hands. And after some time, they will then pester their parents to buy another physical toy which they saw on screen. Then the packaging will have something that will direct them back to their iPad and the cycle goes on and on and on. The first thing my kid wanted the moment he woke up is iPad. The first thing he wanted the moment our car arrived home, he wanted the iPad! I am infuriated and outraged! Now, my rule is two 10 minute sessions of iPad a day, that's all. Even then I still think this is too much! How will they ever build their concentration skills when they are so distracted at such a young age???

This is more detrimental than opium (which was of course very very destructive) to 19th Century China.

If we don't exercise our choices, the toy companies will exercise theirs. They will snatch our children from right under our noses. Turn left and right next time on a Saturday morning during the red traffic lights and you will see kids playing away with their iPads on their way to tuition or anywhere. Physically our kids are in the car, at home or in their bedrooms. Mentally, they are being enslaved They are enslaving these young innocent souls!!!!!

If we don't wake up now, they never will, until maybe they have their own kids. This zombification of our children must stop, as far as my family is concerned. Board games, physical sports, social interaction with our kids must happen instead of zombification. It's not easy I know, but then again, nothing is!

Hasbro (the company that owns Transformers), you are not my bro. Your board games (like Guess Who?) are fine, other than that, just get the hell out of my life!

You have only one person to count on...

The only way to really make the world a better place is to better ourselves rather than going out and convince everyone else to follow our way because we think our way is better than others’ ways.

This is not empty talk. If we agree that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, the only way to make the world a better place is really through the person we call ourselves.

Do what you love and love what you do...

The greatest gift for our kids is to let them do what they love....

Children enjoy what they do best. Our job as parents is to help them find out what they do best. And then in the process, teach them that even while doing and pursuing what they love, they too have to do what they hate.

Most people's situations are just the opposite. We do what we hate and in the process steal time to do what we love or even not at all.

I think if we go for the first option, our lives will be much more fulfilled.

A friend sent me a quote last week. It says,

"A satisfied life is better than a successful life. Because our success is measured by others. But our satisfaction is measured by our own soul, mind and heart."

If life is what we make of it, then success is how we define it.

We have the responsibility to influence our kids to define success as doing well what they love and loving what they do best regardless of what others think of them.

Big success, small success...

Big success or small success, they are all achieved one day at a time.

Every day, with each right action, we move towards that destination we call 'success' one action at a time.

Every action, in turn, is accomplished one breath at a time. If that action takes twenty breaths (for example one set of 20-rep push-ups), then after twenty breaths,we'd have completed one set of push-ups.

Eric Thomas said, 'If you want success as badly as you want to breathe, you WILL succeed."

If that's how we want to see it, then, logically speaking, success is built one breath at a time. Sometimes, as Ajahn Brahm says, "The hardest part in life is thinking about it."

It's NOW time to stop thinking (stop browsing FB) and start breathing.

Let every breath we take brings us closer to the outcome we want.

One breath at a time...

The one-breath-at-a-time approach to overcoming obstacles can be very effective if you think about it deeply enough.

I put myself before the task I need to accomplish. And let my breathing take me from the start till the end of it all. Unless that task kills me, it is 100% certain that I will breathe in and out through the entire task.

So the question is no longer whether I can accomplish my task but rather, will I put myself before the task to be accomplished. Because if I do, I will breathe myself into it, through it and finish it. Unless of course the task finishes me off.

But the breathing approach still holds because as long as I continue to breath I will continue to accomplish.

What do you mean you are not good enough?

What do you mean you’re not good enough? All the rags-to-riches stories are bout one thing.

And that one thing is how to use what we have to get what we don't have and want. You have no money? Use your ideas and actions to make them work and exchange them with people who want to pay for them.

Of course we’re not good enough for the standard we aspire to reach. But that’s not going to happen today no matter how badly we want it.

But what we should be thinking of instead is NOW. We might not be good enough for our aspired standard two years from now RIGHT NOW, but hey, we are definitely good enough for the standard we have NOW! The question is are we being the best that we can be now?

That’s using what we have right now to the fullest to be the best that we can be now.

That’s the only thing that should matter. NOW. Not yesterday not tomorrow. Good to reminiscent sometimes. Good to set future goals of course. But we should never let the past and the future distract us from the real work we need to do right now.

Otherwise how else can we use what we have right now to get what we don’t have but want to have tomorrow? The starting point is here and now.

It is here and now that we can break away from past patterns and limitations because they belong to the past.

It is also here and now that we can not worry about the future because again it is not real. It belongs to our imagination. The more we worry about the future the more those worries will materialise because they distract us from doing the real work now which will eventually help us shape our future the way we want it.

In other words, the rags-to-riches stories are about doing what you can do with whatever you have right now and not worrying bout what you can’t do or don’t have now.

If we think this way, there will be no more self doubts to hold us back. Doubts are not real. They are always doubtful and therefore doubtable in every way.

The only thing we should doubt is doubt itself.

Acceptance is the most precious gift

Kids might not be able to articulate all their ideas and thoughts but they sure know what love is. So, don't go round telling kids we love them and whatever we do we do them for their own good, especially when we go on a rant on and on...

If we love them, accept them for who they are as kids will be kids. Of course I'm not saying we should spoil them and not discipline them. But when we 'punish' them for doing the wrong thing, we must make sure we are not using that (the scolding) as an excuse to thrash out all the frustrations and anger we have inside us, those nonsense we take in from our work or bad drivers on the road.

Because if we do, we will, most often than not, use words that cut them like a knife and when we are in a good mood again, we tell our kids daddy was just having a bad day. But what we might not see on the inside is that the kid might have internalized them (those hurtful words that should not have been said).

Of course, humans make that kind of mistakes all the time. Or once in a while. The goal is to be more conscious of ourselves and reduce the likelihood of that happening.

That's why I also believe that the best way to help our children is to help ourselves first. So 'teach' them not just by the words we say to them but also by our actions.

I read somewhere a quote that says, kids don't follow our advice, they follow our examples. I certainly did that when I was a kid.

On realism and negativity...

Being realistic or realist is not the same as being negative.

You can’t be negative and not affect your family and friends in a likewise manner.

In other words, being positive is not an option. It is your responsibility. Now that to me is being realistic and a realist at the same time.

Bicep curls for our patience muscles

When people try to get on our nerves, they are testing our patience. We can explode or we can see how far we can go with the test.

Had a driver who spent 7 minutes or so to leave his parking lot. For a while I thought he was still waiting for someone or had no intention to leave even though I saw his light turned on.

And when you know that he knows that you are waiting patiently behind, it really has the potential to get on your nerves and to not only increase your blood pressure but also to heat up your blood temperature.

Eventually, when the car started moving slowing out of the lot, you can’t help but feel tempted to conclude that he really is here to test your patience - a real life test purposefully designed and conducted to find out just how much patience you have today.

Patience. So important and yet so underrated these days and even has been mistaken by many to be a sign of weakness. Don’t let our ego fool us. It is definitely not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength.

The most powerful P word in English is not power but patience, if you really think about it.

On handbags and diamonds... How many is too many?

The height of one's power can really reveal the lowliness of his/her character. Where's the sense of satisfaction in all these handbags and diamonds?

One really has to be very shallow in his/her wisdom and intelligence. People like Najib and Rosmah are better off kept in much lower positions. Not that they will be better human beings. At least they will be less damaging to the society.

The Final Countdown (written by guest blogger HH Chen)

The Final Countdown

Malaysia 14th General Election on 9 May 2018


By HH Chen - 29 April 2018

The coming Malaysia General Election on 9 May 2018 has been the hottest topic of discussion on both social and print media in the country since the dissolution of parliament. This election is being seen as the closest contest between the ruling coalitionBarisan Nasional (BN) and the opposition front PakatanHarapan (PH).

BN has been ruling the country since the independence of Malaysia from British in 1957. Over the past 13 general elections or 60 years, none of the opposition parties or coalitionscould threaten the position of BN at national level to form federal government.

However, for the first time in the history of Malaysia, PH led by the former Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir has managed to realign and strengthen the opposition parties within PH, and will be contesting in the election under one flag that has never happened in the past.




The surge of PH isprimarily due to the controversial 1MDB scandal and the leadership of the charismatic Dr Mahathir who has penetrated Malay settlements in the rural areas of the country. Overall in the urbans, the wind for change is strong and theDemocratic Action Party (DAP) estimates that 80% of the Chinese votes will sway toward PH. For the Malay votes, PH component Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (BERSATU) and Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) are confident that Malay Tsunami for change is in its formation.




On the other side, BN component parties that have strong grass roots grown over the last few decades will go all out to defend their seats and ensure they will capture at least 112 of the total 222 parliament seats to form a simple-majority Government. It is reported that the 14th General Election will be on the advantage of BN because Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) is contesting in 160 parliament seats which is believed it will split PH’s votes.

In short, it is going to be a fierce competition between the two camps but ultimately the voters are the decision makers whether they optfor status quo and the continuation of current policies under BN or they want a change to improve current policies and hope for transformation under PH. The Malaysian voters are at the crossroad now because this is the best time or probably the last chance where Malaysian can decide for a change of government as quoted by PH leaders. However, this is the voters’ call and most of them have already made up their mind by now, and prepared for the D-Day!





For voters in Malaysia, we are ready to cast our votes on 9 May 2018. How about you if you are a Malaysian working or studying abroad?  Are you going to forego your right to vote or this does not matter to you?  How about those who have already migrated to other country or those holding PR of other country? Does general election in Malaysia matter to you anymore since you have already “escape” from the country?

I think you must ask yourself why you left Malaysia in the first place? Why the country you have migrated to is better than your home country, Malaysia?

To me, it is very helpful for Malaysian residing overseas or those who have migrated to other country to know what is happening in Malaysia.  For those stay outside Malaysia who have broader view of globalization will be able to assess the political scene in Malaysia better compared to a Malaysian who has never experienced the outside world!

Even for those who have already migrated, the general election in Malaysia matters to you because you might have friends and relatives in Malaysia or probably your source of income is still derived from Malaysia. Hence, it makes sense for you to share your experience living overseas with your friends and relatives in Malaysia so they can make wise decision when casting their votes. Ultimately, we want every Malaysian to take charge of their future through their votes.

Lastly, let me share with you what I had observed in China in the past few years. Many professionals and upper-class citizens of Hong Kong left the island when the territory was returned to China by the British Government in 1990s. It was also the phenomenon in Mainland China that migration would be a dream especially for the professionals or students studying abroad.

In the last two international companies that I had worked for, it surprised me that our offices in China hired quite a number of Chinese holding Canada, USA and New Zealand passport! Why they wanted to return to China and why the companies wanted to hire them as expatriate in China? The reason why they returned to China is because now China can pay higher than what the returnees earn overseas. The reason why the company wanted to hire Chinese expatriates is because they need someone who can understand the local culture (speaks mandarin) but with global mindset. 

From my experience above, although you have already migrated to other country, you might still be benefited if Malaysia has advanced further to a more competitive nation whereby talents with global exposure are needed to bring Malaysia to the next level…!

You call the shots because you set the rules

When u can truly define success according to what you want it to be and not by what others tell you it is, u would have "achieved" success already.

The guy who wrote WTF? 23 properties by 30: A Story of What/When/Where to Find was already a success looong before we all call him the success that he is today! The first few years When he was working in a bank, he did not own a car. All he had was a motor bike. The savings he got riding a bike instead of getting a car loan were wisely invested in properties. Had he cared too much about how his peers would have perceived him, he would not have been the "success" that he is now. In his world, he would probably say, "WTF? I was a success long time ago before anyone even realised it back then!!!" And I say good on him! Because not many young people would have thought like him and that includes yours truly.

Will you stop pretending please?

Stop pretending. Whoever says they have this or that that will make your performance soar, they are not lying... But they are also capitalizing on your weakness. Your weakness in steeling and willing yourself to stay on course and follow through till the very end. Stay on course and get back on course every time you veer off track, got stuck in the sand pit or when u run out of steam or got burnt out along the way to re-charge and re-start and resume to journey on and on. To be able to see the truth for what it is, to be wise enough to see setback for what it actually is, which is actually a setup for a come back. So that the more setbacks you encounter the more setups you have for your comebacks!!! To see that the obstacle is actually the way. Ryan Holiday wrote a book called the Obstacle is the Way. In it he quote Marcus Aurelius who said, "The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way."

So, stop pretending we don't know what we need to know to make it and hence freeing ourselves from the guilt of inaction and self betrayal. What a man can be he must be! Or else he will not be complete or nearing completion as much as he want to be before he dies.

So we must stop pretending if i get this degree or take another diploma i will then make it. Well you may, if you have the time and money to spare. But you do nit necessarily need to, if you take full responsibility for your education and i mean overall all rounded education as a full-fledged human being. Stop fiddling around and get some real work done. There are many people with many wonderful 'secrets' out there ready to share with you if you are willing to give them the money they ask for. But honestly, if u really want something, you can come to know those 'secrets' yourself. Secrets that no money can buy, secrets that, in the end, you will come to realize, that aren't really secrets at all.

Back to my first sentence now because there is really nothing more i can say about anything anymore. Just STOP PRETENDING. And stop pretending you don't know what the hell i am talking about either.

Too many choices for our own good? Or it's just that we are not good enough for the choices?

We hv enough choices on the net to get what we want. We can even study for an engineering degree from MIT for free or a complete law degree from Cambridge for free.

At the same time, we have too many choices on the net to distract us from staying on course all the way through to the very emd of our course.

So, more than ever, we need to train our mind to stay focus and be still and not be distracted by all the noises around us.

Learning how our mind works has never been more exciting and helpful as it is now where a big part of our ancient wisdom can be and have been backed by scientific studies and empirical data. And they too have never been as accessible as it is right now.

This is the best time as well as the worst time to learn. It all depends on how we use what we have at the end of our finger tips, to click on the really useful knowledge or the very destructive distractions.

Again, a question of how we use what we already have rather than what we have right now. What the privileged have on their smart phone the working class also have, right? It is how we use them now.

Let it go, let it go...

Life is about letting go. Yes, we need to do this, go there and complete that for survival or because of this and that... bla blah blah...
But end of the day, we still have to let go and move on.

We need money for its functionality and usefulness. But if we do not let go some of it, we will not be able to benefit from it.

We need love, but if we do not let go to a certain extent, whoever we love will feel restraint.

And this morning, when I was meditating, I had this little insight. The breathing in and out is also the same. Every time we breathe in, the next step has to be breathing out because we have to let go of what we needed to grab hold of just now.

The very breath of air we breathed in had to be breathed out in the next instance. We must let go, right? Well then someone might say we cannot be continuously letting go, right? For example, after breathing out, we must breathe in again, right? Yes, that's right. But even the very act of letting go has to be let go of so that we can then breathe in again the very next moment.

This also reminds me of a talk by Ajahn Brahm. He held up a glass half-filled with water and ask if this glass is light or heavy. Most people answered that it is light and some responded by saying, however much it weighs, it's surely not heavy at all. Most people would tend to agree, right? Then Ajahn Brahm said, yes it is 'light' or 'not heavy at all'. "But if I were to hold this glass for the next 24 hours, is that going to feel light or heavy? Enough said, I know you get the picture now.

What a wise way to point out the importance of letting go.

Wish you all a productive day today. Just don't forget to let go, alright?

Living in Australia: Free Workshop for Migrant and Refugee Women


Thu. 16 November 2017

10:00 am – 4:00 pm AEDT

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Aimee Seebeck Hall

100 Police Road

Rowville, VIC 3178


**Join us on the 16th of November 2017 if you are a woman of an Asian, Middle Eastern or African background over the age of 18!**

The Living in Australia Workshop running from 10.00am - 2pm will aim to hear from Asian, Middle Eastern and African women on experiences and issues faced while living in Australia as a migrant or refugee.

The workshop will mainly provide a safe space to talk about any concerns faced in the Australian community as a woman from a cultural background. A morning tea and light lunch will be provided. The aims of the Shakti Organisation in our community and important issues relevant to migrant and refugee women such as domestic violence will be briefly discussed at the beginning of the workshop. Women from the Shakti Organisation speaking a variety of different languages will also be available to speak to on the day.

The Workshop will be followed by the Shakti Annual General Meeting from 2pm - 4pm. If you would also like to attend the AGM, please register for the Workshop and the AGM. If you are interested in only the Workshop or only the AGM, select one or the other when registering online. Please remember to specify what cultural background you are from and which languages you speak when registering for the Workshop (there will be a section for this when entering registration details).



  • Arrive at 10am if you are attending the workshop to allow time for registration.

  • Arrive at 1.45pm if you are attending the AGM only.


There are only a limited ammount of spaces available for this free workshop and AGM, so make sure to register quickly! If you prefer to register by phone or email please feel free to contact us on the details provided below. If you would also like to know more about the workshop, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Shakti Contact Details:

Scoresby Phone number: (03) 9753 4324

CBD Phone number: (03) 9639 3131



If you are unable to make it on the day, please contact us and let us know so we can provide your spot to another guest.


Self-improve or self-destruct?

The one thing that separates human beings from animals is I think the fact that if we don't self-improve, we'll self-destruct. But the problem is sometimes, human beings unknowingly commit acts of self-destruction thinking they are working on self-improvement. As Josh Waitzkin says, "Let the kid rest!"