If you cannot love your work, accept it - because the results will be the same anyway. Here's why...

Not everyone is lucky enough to be working in the job they love. Asking ourselves to love our job when it is clearly not what we love to do can be a bit far-fetched. But if we work on accepting our job (since it is clearly the most straightforward and immediate way), we may very well succeed. The more we are able to accept our job, the less unhappy we can become. The less unhappy we become, the happier we'd feel. 

You do not have to love your job to feel happy working in it - you only have to accept your job. Accepting your job means accepting the ups and downs (each and every one of them) that come with it. Feeling happy, doing the job that you accept, getting paid, learning and growing at the job is one of life's best blessings.

In conclusion, you do not have to love your work to be happy. You only have to accept it and you will just be as happy!