Can politicians be trusted??? I cannot even trust myself sometimes!

This morning I caught myself.

I drove past a strip of what a politician in my neighbourhood has recently called 'McMansions' that were newly completed. He said in his recent campaign that there has been a surge in the construction of "McMansions" and that if elected he will stop this type of developments. 

As I was driving past these houses, I was wondering how these people (mostly new migrants) got their money (in your know which country). Then I remembered this politician's words. Yeah, this trend must be stopped. But then I began to question myself. Am I really that concerned about keeping my neighbourhood green and all that? Even if I am, who am I to judge what others do with their houses they own? What motivatef me to agree with the idea that this development must be stopped? Would I still agree with him if I actually own one of these "McMansions"? I'm not sure about you but i would certainly not be very pleased with that idea. Was I being jealous (albeit 'just a little') this morning? Hell yes of course!

The way I see it, we all have some communist in us - regardless which country we live in. What we cannot have, we expect others cannot have as well. Politicians, they will say whatever that will win them votes.  

Minorities/outsiders/newcomers will always be the victims. Try saying that (what you have said above) in Toorak, Camberwell, Kew or Brighton, Mr or Miss Politician Candidate. Do you think you'll still stand a chance in the election there?