Fellow Malaysians, don't take your maids for granted!

I penned down the following ‘poem’ one morning (last year) while on my train to work. I call it My Race is Taking My Boy Away. At that point, I was very fed up with the never-ending paper work related to some upcoming auditing event. Just my own little way of reminding myself that somehow I have to put a stop to this mindless race to the bottom!

Each day I feel my body getting older,
as my knees tell me they are getting weaker.
As I get myself into the race deeper,
my boy's language faculty is getting better.
While my time with him is getting shorter,
his frame on the bed is growing longer.

Each day I get home later and darker,
as he grows to be bigger and stronger.
Selling my time to buy us a future,
just so 'one day' we have more time together.
Selling my time with a toddler,
for the empty promise of a future.

A future of more time with my... teenager?
I love you Dad but since when have you become my stranger?
For that cute little boy of yours I am no longer!

And then I think about the many foreign maids and foreign workers working in Malaysia. They too have their children which they see only once or twice a year. It is good to show some empathy to these people especially those good ones who serve us loyally and wholeheartedly. If you are doing better than last year financially, maybe you ought to give them some bonus if not some raise. And you can show your understanding for them by saying this money is for your children's new year ang-pow or whatever. Some times, it is not the money that counts. Words like that could mean more to them when they so miss their kids back home.

Imagine how you would feel if you only get to see your kids once or twice a year? You may not have done it before and you may not want to set new precedence. Well, do it once a year like an ang pow tradition. How about that? After all, they are almost like part of your family already.

Don't take your maids for granted. You will know how important they are if you live in 'maid-less societies' like Australia.


(This post was written a few days before the 2016 Chinese New Year)