What one can do during bad days?

Remember how on a bad day, everything seems to be going wrong? You are in a hurry, the couple in front is strolling in their own sweet time. You walk up to a door, only to find a sign asking you to use the side entrance. The toilet entrance is blocked, a sign hanging there says "cleaning in progress". You are late for work, and the train stopped its service two stations before your destination due to some once-in-a-blue-moon fault at the control room.

On days like that, we must be quick to recognize and accept the fact that it is a bad day. Bad days are designed to test our patience, to trick us into getting mad, to drive us up the wall. Once you recognize a bad day and what it intends to do to you, you will then operate on a different mode. Operate on a mode where you will say to yourself, "Well, of course the door is broken. Of course the train stops running. Of course my boss is in a bad mood. Of course the toilet is closed for cleaning at this time even though it has never been cleaned at this hour any other days in the past. Of course the couples are strolling. They are being sent to be a part of my bad day after all.

Don't stress out on a bad day. Whether you stress out or not, bad things have been lined up for you. There is just no need to lose your temper every time you are met with the next obstacle on a bad day.

Our job then is to get over one obstacle after another until we overcome the last one set in place for us. Then, we will have a brand new day tomorrow where everything is back to normal again and business running as usual.