Moving to Australia? You might need to change your collar from white to blue.

If you plan to migrate to Australia, here are a few things you might want to consider in order to increase your chances of success in your PR application and day-to-day survival/livelihood when you move over there. 

1. University degree versus vocational qualification. Unless you are talking about some really scarce and sought after qualification, a general university degree or even an MBA does not give you much of an advantage. Instead, if you have some trade or vocational skills and qualifications in the areas of plumbing, electrical engineering, automotive repair and engineering, nursing, aged care, early, childcare & special education, hairdressing, patisserie, bakery and cooking, you will have a more stable livelihood. There will be more stability and you will run a lower risk of being \made redundant or downsized out of a job. An if you are more ambitious, you can always be a self-employed.   

2. If you have got such skills, what you can do is invest in properties and learn all that you know about renovations, subdivisions, knock-down and build and how to deal with builders, you should be able to do quite well over the long run too. 

3. Learn to be handy and you will do better over the long run even if your full time job is white collar. If you call up the handy for every problem you have about your house, it can cost quite a lot over time unless you are rich enough to not feel the pinch.