On the biggest enemy...

Winning is not always about beating the opponent. This is especially so when we are up against opponents whom we believe are much more superior to us in every way - bigger, faster, stronger and smarter. 

Most of the time, before the fight even begins we would have already given up. Thinking and fearing that they will crush us, humiliate and embarrass us in the process of doing so. 

Sometimes, we only have to focus on ourselves and not too much on how to beat our opponents. Don't have to be the fastest but always pick up our speed when we find ourselves losing speed. Don't always have to be the hardest working person BUT make sure we don't get lazy.

Don't have to be the most knowledgeable person ONLY make sure we find out the answers when we do not have them yet.

Conquer our fear before our opponents instill fear upon us. Control our actions before they force upon us to act in ways they want us to.

No wonder they say the biggest enemy is ourselves and the only thing we should fear is fear.