SUCCESS is not some far-away destination!


Success has been made out to be the ultimate solution to all of our daily challenges. It is as if we have to overcome a certain number of challenges in order to be called a success. Success is not what others think of us. It is how we feel about ourselves. We can fool the world but ultimately we must face ourselves. No matter how others perceive you, ultimately it is your own self-perception that matters most. A person whose happiness depend on how others perceive of him/her is a walking tragedy. He/she will never be truly free even though he/she might be financially free. When you are not free, you will not be happy unless of course you do not realise it! Logically, when you are not happy, you are not successful!

How to avoid this trap? Take advice from people who are genuinely happy with their lives. They will tell you success is not some faraway place. Big success is made up of many successful days. Each day can be a success. Nobody knows whether tomorrow will come to him or her. Nobody can change whatever that has happened yesterday though he/she can draw lessons from it. But today, now, is fully within our grasp. Just do the best we can do and enjoy the doing and its result. No stopping, because the passing of each moment brings us to another present moment. Make the best of the present. "The time is always ripe to do right", Martin Luther King Jr said once. That's why present is called a present. It is a gift that you and I are alive right now. According to Sadhguru, our purpose is not to become a super human but to realise that being human is super. 

Don't listen to some nonsense like if you want success you must pay the price. What price? The price of not seeing your kids grow up, divorce, lost friendships, health and clarity of thoughts??? 
How about we try this 'advice' for a change. You want success? Pay attention to life. Pay attention to this very moment that we are alive - that much we have control over, not any other future moment. There is no guarantee in this world that we will still be here tomorrow same time same place, is there??? We always assume there is.

So, the time to wake up is not tomorrow but now.