A business opportunity that you might want to consider if you are migrating to Australia.

Last week, my sister was browsing the net search for an art class for her kid during this Easter holiday. She discovered that there is an art program (teaching kids to draw and paint) whose creator and founder is a Malaysian! 

Mr Mahair Goh started his art school in the late 1990s. He created a syllabus to train his staff (art teachers) so that they can teach his Globalart classes uniformly across six different levels. AFter the six levels, the students then will be equipped with all the basic and necessary tools and skills to draw and paint and then further develop their talents in the world of art. Pretty amazing and inspiring story really. Mr Goh looked around he saw grading systems in piano, ballet, Taekwondo, Karate etc... but nothing in the area of art/drawing classes. So, he spent one year to develop his syllabus. At that time, he had three art schools in Malaysia. After he developed the syllabus, he was able to expand rapidly across the country and by 2003, enquiries came in from Brunei and Singapore. Today, he Globalart syllabus is being taught in many different countries, namely China, Australia, USA and still counting!

So, if you are planning to migrate to Australia and have a keen ineterst in art and drawing, you might want to consider Globalart as your business. For more information on the foundera nd the business, please click on this link.