Love is a strength; dominance is a weakness.

Was having a conversation with wife the other day. We were talking about how some kids are more dominant than others bla bla bla. Then wife said she is worried that our kid is a little reserved in the kinder blablabla... Sometimes 'too nice'. For example, the teacher told us only last week, that one year ago, our boy was able to show kindness to a new kid who kept crying and no kids wanted to play with her. So our boy actually went to her and brought her some toys and told her not to cry and they should play together - while every one else was ignoring the new kid!

When our kid is playing with his friends, he always follow rather than lead. So wife was naturally a bit worried if he is too nice for his own good or too loving for his own good? I thought for a while and told her well, while it is important that we encourage him to be more assertive whenever is necessary. We should always fully accept him for the person that he is. Of course my wife does lah. Just some motherly worry for his boy. So I told her, being loving is a strength and a quality a fully functional human being should possess. Just as a dog should bark, a cat should meow, a human being should love and care. So, there really is nothing to worry about. If anything, we should be lucky to have such a wonderful person in our boy. Continue to shower him with love, support and guidance and, most importantly, protect him from our over-protectiveness so he will grow to be a full-fledged human being.

People who are always wanting to dominate are people who are insecure. He has to always feed his every-growing ego and it is a very tiring thing. Parents with such kids should worry more. Accept their kids they should, of course. But at the same time find out what is driving their kids to such behavior. All this is of course very easy to say and write about as some sort of intellectual entertainment on FB timeline. But at the end of the day, all human beings must improve themselves. We should watch our thoughts - especially parents. Bad thoughts will bring bad actions and impact on our kids negatively.

Now I somehow am able to connect the dots for the first time in my life! Why meditation is able to help us become better human beings. Wisdom and knowledge - very different animals. Ending up as a knowledgeable idiot is the last thing I want for myself or my kid!

PS: A quote by Dr Marty Nemko (a career counsellor) "Tough when you must be. Kind, whenever you can be"