Some thoughts on love and true self improvement...

Yesterday I saw a father carrying his daughter on his shoulders. The girl was laughing happily. Her grandmother who was walking beside looked on with a face beaming with smile of great satisfaction and amusement. Daddy was walking on blissfully. It was a beautiful sight. As I was walking into the supermarket, this thought came to me. Everyone is capable of loving someone or something.

Yet the world is in the mess it finds itself in right now. Why? Because we love selectively. Not only that. We choose to love selectively the kind of people we want, the kinds of religions we approve of, the kinds of ideologies we choose to believe in, a certain type of look/appearance we approve of and those that we despise, hate, ignore and reject.

The man who carried her daughter on his shoulders. The prime minister of a country. The clergyman. The imam. The rabi. The monk. The teacher. The head of an organisation. The police. The soldier. The smooth criminal. The conman. The underground boss. All are capable of being loving and gentle to the people he or she chooses to love and protect. And yet will not hesitate to pull the trigger, slender or defame his 'enemy' and have no regard whatsoever to their enemies;' family and their next-of-kin.

If only we knew that all seven billion of us are all interrelated and somehow are pawns in someone else's games in one way or another, the world will be a much better place. No need to shout out to the world that we want to make the world a better place. The world do not need us to 'make it better' (which is really just a code word to mean 'want to make the world go MY way'). It does not need your way, his way, her way, or my way. It has its own way, the Creator's way long before we can even think!

Everybody should just be themselves and improve themselves and correct their misconceptions and the world will naturally be a much better place. I know one guy who cannot stop calling me now and then to tell me what he think is the better way to live one's life. But I do not see a happy and relaxed person in him. How the hell will i ever listen to him? Stop spreading message (or rather, prescribe solutions to others) even though we honestly think they are good. Good for us but might not be for others) as everyone is different.

Why can't we all just mind our own business, correct our own faults yet accept our imperfect selves and therefore also people around us, people and animal who ultimately share the same planet and universe and ultimately the same fate that applies to all living beings?

I guess I just want to say in some ways, the effort to 'make the world a better place' could be creating more problems for ourselves and everyone than if we just solve our own problems and that in itself is a lifelong undertaking already. Change the world? The world does not need us to change. Be happy with the way the world is right now and then we will know what needs to be done.