Patience: The unsung (and probably the least celebrated) virtue!

In my most desperate moments, I sometimes wondered how some individuals were able to overcome some of the toughest challenges that life throws at them. While meditating this afternoon, while watching how my mind moved from one thought to another, I sort of realized, epiphanically, that the most important quality one can and should have in order to accomplish anything at all in life is - PATIENCE. 

If only we have more patience, we would have done a lot of things a lot better. If only we had more patience, we would not have wasted so many opportunities to improve ourselves.

I thereby declare, as arbitrary as this declaration may be, that the most important key to success is patience. 

Patience is the key to all other keys to success.

The man with great patience will prevail over the man with great strength. Or great wisdom. Or great intelligence. Or great courage. Or great confidence. Or great self-belief. Or with a high stature or a big reputation. Or a combination of all the above...  

Because strength (or any of the above) without patience is strength (or any of the above) that will not last long enough, to prevail!

"When the going gets tough, the tough gets going." (Billy Ocean)

But before the tough gets going, he has to be patient enough first. 

Otherwise, he will not go far with his "toughness".

Patience is the basis of all other qualities we deem necessary for success.

Whatever we have to do well, we must master the basics first.

Martial arts, piano, science, maths, public speaking, relationships, parenting or anything at all, without mastering the basics, you will not succeed in any one of them at all!

Mastering the basics needs patience. The basics are the most boring stage of all. Nothing interesting will keep you interested. Nothing exciting will keep you excited. Only patience will keep you still and calm just so you can keep on keeping on with the super-boring all-important basic 101.

Use the unlimited to overcome our limitations.

We have limited strength, limited knowledge, limited wisdom, limited intelligence, limited resources, limited time each day (only 24 hours), limited money, limited personal influence, limited support...

But if we have unlimited patience (ie. patience that would last us a lifetime) we will overcome all such limitations.

Somehow, I see some connection between the above paragraph and Bruce Lee's quote "Using no way as a way, having no limitation as a limitation."

Would you consider yourself a patient person? How patient are you?

The person you are most grateful for in your life. Is he or she patient towards you? Most likely it is a loud resounding YES!

The best way to NOT take that person for granted is to be just as patient as him/her.

You have no patience? Don't despair just yet.

The good news is patience can be cultivated. The most effective way to do it is meditation, I think.

Unlike doing the 100-meter sprint below 10 seconds, meditation is a physical possibility for everyone. 

If you can breathe, you you can sit still for five minutes.

If you can sit still for five minutes, you can meditate.

If you can meditate for five minutes, you can eventually do it for ten, fifteen and eventually twenty minutes. 

If the more you lift your dumb-bells, the stronger your biceps become, the more you meditate, the stronger your patience muscle becomes. 

When you do everything with patience, plus, you have a plan with a clear goal, how can you not succeed??? That's exactly when success becomes an imperative and failure a non-issue. More than anything else, after well more than four decades of living, I finally, albeit belatedly but unashamedly, realize that success is not about action nor results. Rather, it is a state of mind. That's because patience is a state of mind.  


PS: Patience in this context refers to the quality we should use to constantly and persistently improve ourselves; not to restrain ourselves or hold ourselves back all the time!