What is the only race in life that you must quit in order to win?

It is the rat race! Running in the rat race is like cutting the tree branch that you are sitting on so that when you eventually succeed in cutting it, you fail!

True success will only start to come your way when you quit the rat race. 

Many a time, our rat-race is self-imposed. Your Indonesian or Filipino maid is not in a self-imposed rat race. If they had better options that allow them earn a living without leaving their home countries, they would surely do so - they have no choice.

But many of us do have a choice. Yet we fall for the trap of upgrading our ‘tastes’ for as long as our income (or rather credit facility) can afford us. If we do that, no matter how many times we get our promotion or pay rise for our jobs or additional market share for our business, we will only offset our extra income by spending more and more.

The only way we can quit the rat race is a two-fold strategy - whether we like it or not. Keep our cost of living as low and possible for as long as we can; and amass our wealth as much and quickly as we possibly can!

No matter how successful you think you are right now, no matter how fast-rising you are in your career right now, you will not ‘win’ if you want to call it that.

The only way to win when you are in a rat race is to quit it! The first step towards quitting your rat race is getting into the right frame of mind. Reading www.kclau.com and www.mrmoneymustache.com every day is a good way to develop the right frame of mind for getting out of the rat race as soon as possible.

Both Mr KC Lau and Mr Money Mustache, both had formal training in engineering,, are two financially enlightened family men who were smart enough to realize early in life, the slavery hidden in our daily race for a so-called better life.

We already have a ‘better’ life if we use a little bit more of our brain. Rat-race is a game whereby the only way to win is to quit it!