What is righter than being 'right'?

You had a disagreement with your partner/friend. He/she did something you thought was wrong - in your view. And yet you honestly believe your view is the right view. So, you decided to point it out. But at the same time, you know he/she had been trying his/her best. And you feel that it is possible he/she overlooked it. It was, after all, a matter that is trivial enough to not cause any disaster. But because he/she overlooked it, you have to finish it up with the last step he/she had overlooked. And because this has been going on for a few times, you get a bit irritated and annoyed. You may have a point. You may be right. But do you have to go and tell the person? But you also know he/she has been very helpful to you. He/she helps you with a lot of big tasks. What he/she overlooked really pales in comparisons to those bigger tasks that he/she has been helping you with. What do you do? To 'confront' or not 'confront' You probably should go and tell him/her with a smiling face in a very relaxed mood. But you could not do it because if you were to tell him now, you will let him/her know that you are annoyed doing the last step for him/her just because he/she repeatedly forgets. So, you wrote a note and paste it on a prominent spot he/she will eventually see later in the day.

Then you walked off. But still you do not feel good because you know you should have talked to him.her nicely enough without having to write a note. Writing a note like, "Please remember to do this or that after you have done this or that." Then you write, "Thank you very much : )" Yet, with the smiley face, it does not feel right. Somehow you feel it is too trivial to be brought up in the first place. or is it really that trivial? You have your doubts. Am I a coward you think? Too chicken to confront? But you also feel that it was too trivial a matter to have a confrontation about. You vacillate between the two conflicting thoughts.

In the end, you decided to take down that 'sorry' piece of note. Because you know you doing so does not mean you are being a coward. Doing so, taking down your note does not mean you weren't sure if you were on the right. You know you are not a coward and you know you are on the right and you know you don't need to prove anything to anyone. 

Your position is clear. If this matter is to be brought up, it should be done casually and candidly and not with an annoyed look on the face. And if you are not ready to do it smilingly, just let it go for the time being. After all, your partner/friend has been very obliging and sincere in helping you out all this while. And deep down inside you know that sincerity and helpfulness is more important than the fact that you were on the right - as far as that matter is concerned. So you let it go. Nothing is permanent. Now, your annoyance too is gone.

That willingness to let go, I think, is more important than the need to prove to others anyone that you are 'right'. True happiness happens not when you can prove to others that you are right. It only happens when you have absolutely no need to prove to anyone that you are right and someone else is wrong. When you are happy just the way things are, you experience true happiness.

In other words, letting go is righter than being 'right'.