Kampong New Migrants Info Night this 17 June 2016 in Melbourne CBD

This morning, I have just found out from a friend Edmund Hoh, whom I am going to interview (for my blog on Australia Good Meh Dot Com next week) that he is going to be one of the panel speakers at an upcoming event on 17 June 2016 in Melbourne CBD. The event is called Kampong New Migrants Info Night. It will be held at Old Town White Coffee, 303, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne and will start at 7:00pm. 

Basically, the panel of speakers will talk about the following topics:

1. Job hunting and preparing your resumes
2. Housing - Buy or Rent?
3. Mortgage Loans - What you need to know
4. Superannuation

Edmund Hoh will talk about the topic "Housing - Buy or Rent?" He is currently a Sales Consultant & Auctioneer with JRW Property International, based in Glen Waverley, Victoria 3150. 

For more information and to register your interest, please visit this link