Fighting for freedom - never too young to start!

When young people graduate from high schools, colleges or universities, they think they have finally achieved their freedom. Little do they know that their freedom is going to be very short-lived if they do not utilize whatever freedom that they have right now wisely.

Young people have all the freedom of time, freedom from illnesses, abundance of energy and stamina that older people can only yearn for. But if they do not utilize their freedom wisely, very soon they will find their freedom shrinking real fast.

Push your health too far, you will very soon be not so free from illnesses any more. Push your consumption spending too far, you will become slave to debts. Waste all of your time doing unproductive things, you will soon find yourself completely at the mercy of your employer.

Very soon, you will find yourself an ageing freedom fighter whose time will no longer be on your side! So, if you can help it, don't be an ageing freedom fighter!

The earlier you fight hard for your freedom, the better.