Think too much, do too little...

Most problems we have in our life are actually resulted because we think too much and do too little. When you think too much, you barely have time to take actions. When we think too much, we get hyped up for nothing and then get depressed for not having done anything except thinking about doing and worse still, thinking about thinking.

Instead of thinking about doing or thinking about thinking, we should do what our thinking tell us we are supposed to do. Instead of thinking about thinking, we should just use our consciousness to watch our thoughts. Be the watcher of our thoughts. Then, we can be the masters of our thoughts. Switch our thinking mode on when we need to, and turn it off when we don;'t need them. Switch on the doing mode and get somewhere before we sit back and reflect later on.

Think too much and we let our life pass us by.

Think too much and we won't have time to live.

Some problems cannot be solved by active thinking but by switching off our thinking mode.

How to get rid of the think-too-much, do-too-little problem? Meditate.

Gandhi, a very busy man with monumental challenge before him is known meditate even in the midst of his hectic schedule. Sometimes when the situation is gravely critical, he meditated even more in order to attain the peace of mind and clarity of vision he needs to deal with his challenge.