My ultimate blueprint to success.

Today is a public holiday. Asked my boy's friend from childcare to come over so the two can play together. Also I can sort of 'relieve' myself from babysitting too much.

Here I am sitting here in the shopping mall letting them play in the kids' play area. I'm looking at them play but my mind is preoccupied with how to make more money and gain more financial freedom. Always thinking and hatching a new plan, the 'ultimate blueprint' to success.

Maybe I think too much. Maybe there's nothing wrong with thinking but at the same time I must also enjoy the present. To me today is nothing special but to the kids, today is a very special outing for them. Both are single kids who would otherwise play alone most of the day today.

Maybe going with the flow and living the moment is also a big part of the 'ultimate blueprint' to success. Ok lah, I'll play with them more and FB less for now as they look so happy coming to talk to me every now and then between they climbing around and running about. May we all enjoy our present moment which is aptly called the present : )