Dreams (however far-fetched or abstract) must be backed up by tangible time allocation and financial planning.

What you feel you are most talented in doing may not be your most well-paid work at the moment. In fact, it may well be that you are not being paid at all for doing what you love doing now. The flip side of not getting paid (for doing what you love doing) is that you have the the freedom to do it in the way you are doing it. Use that freedom to better your stock-in-trade, hone your skills further. Give yourself a time frame of two to three years (or whatever) and commit to it.

How can you continue to contribute and add value to your field? That means you have to allocate time and money to it in order for your dream project to continue.  

The above reasoning led me to believe again that dreams are possible. But like everything else they cost time and money. Therefore we must budget (our time and money) for it - the earlier the better!