When we ask "What's the secret?", we are subconsciously looking for shortcuts in life.

That means we somehow think working smart can replace working hard.

There are no secrets, no shortcuts. Working smart alone will not bring you the success you desire.

That's because, as Sadhguru says, "Desire alone will not make you successful." Only simple, honest and good old fashioned genuine efforts will bear you the fruits - even if you do not desire them.

Yet, we never want to accept that things can be that simple. Just work hard without working smart can bring me the success? We often ask. What if the real answer is YES? What if working smart is actually "a part of working hard"? (A quote I got from Michael Choi's website

We have confused simplicity with ease - big time!

When something is simple, it does not mean it is also easy.

Most of the time, simple things are the most difficult to do.

So it is with success. The principles of success are very simple to understand but very difficult to put into daily practice. But once they become our habits, things will start to ease up as well.

Do not burden ourselves unnecessarily by thinking that success is both more complicated and more difficult than it actually is. That will be two obstacles right in front of us. Simple but not easy. Now, one obstacle is down and one more to go.

Instead of treating these principles as goals, make them your habits, and you are essentially dissolving the second obstacle making it less difficult to overcome.

But instead of seeing an obstacle as an obstacle to be overcome, see it as the number one ingredient of success, fuel for your success. More obstacles, more success because obstacles fuel success - just like how the star shines the brightest when the sky is the darkest. That way, you don't even have to 'overcome' them. You'd become even more energy efficient and effective too!