What do we really mean when we ask, "What's the secrets of your success?"

It really means that, subconsciously, we are looking for the shortcut to success. 

It also means we are only interested in the fruits but not the efforts we need to put in that will eventually lead to the outcomes. It means we want to taste the fruit and yet are neither willing to work hard for it nor are we persistent enough to see it through.

There are no secrets of success; only ingredients of success. The ingredients you and I know far too well and yet are not willing to accept as the universal truth. These ingredients are always the same and yet we somehow hope that the person to whom we address our question will tell us something different. It is the same characters, qualities that are being told time and again in different voices, that's all. Different voices, different sound bites, different rap that tells us the same old message over and over.

I'd like to pack these ingredients into one package called the ABC of Success. 

A stands for ATTITUDE towards ADVERSITY: The good news is that we all already have a fair share of it. An even better news is that it is absolutely free of charge. Look around, adversity is all around us. Lack of time. Lack of money. Lack of patience. Too many challenges, naysayers etc.

B stands for BELIEF. Belief in yourself. Not the kind of blond arrogance. But an authentic kind of self-belief that stems from a complete and clear understanding of yourself. Guy Kawasaki once said that some things have to be believed in order to be seen. This brings us to the next letter, C.

C stands for CLARITY: A clarity of vision that enables you to see your own strengths as well as weaknesses. So that you will know how to utilize your strengths to capitalize on the opportunities you have clearly identified with your clear vision and how to improve or rather eliminate on your weaknesses against the threats that you see coming your way.

So, next time when I feel the urge of asking someone what his/her 'secrets' of success is, I hope I will be smart enough to instead ask, "What is your non-secrets of success." And if I do that, I know that I'm at least more ready than before to receive the answers - no longer looking for short cuts or only am interested in only tasting the fruit but not willing to put in the necessary efforts. 

Sadhguru says that if we take care of the process, the outcome will inevitably takes care of itself. In other words, we should have the process-before-outcome (PBO) mentality.