The end of jobs as we know them!

Last week, I watched a clip sent by a friend about the jobless in Singapore

Yesterday, i watched another clip about the future of jobs in Australia

As I was going about my work on the computer yesterday morning, I thought I would plug on my earphone and listen to the 44 minute clip Four Corners: Future Proof thinking that I would be learning a thing or two on how I can better prepare for the future of less job security.

Twenty minutes into the programme I suddenly felt annoyed, somewhat disappointed and almost outraged by this programme whose producers at ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) has positioned it as the leading media/authority in current issues. Yeah yeah yeah, you have just told us jobs are disappearing...we get the point but what else are you going to say except repeating the why over and over from all your interviewees? How can this programme be so empty in substance???  

Try watching just the first ten minutes of the program and see how you feel. Basically it talks about how over the next ten to fifteen years, 5 million Australian jobs will be lost. And the programme began by showing how kids today are learning how to teach robots do things. Obviously, robots are now replacing not only manual work, but also more cognitive work. Robots basically can ‘think’ and ‘act’ more and more like humans these days… So kids will be learning how to design and make robots blablablah…

The programme is talking about how jobs will be lost… interviewing different people saying the same thing except in different voices that’s all… 

So what are we doing about it… then they say education system must be revamped. Make it more relevant to the real world… and then you see kids in schools designing ‘smart’ umbrellas which will remind you not to leave it on the train/bus seats.. and umbrellas that can double as a torch etc…

Not one single expert interviewed here is telling us that perhaps kids should learn personal financial matters, learning how to save and invest, learning how and why we should live a frugal lifestyle. and can still be happy with our lives and not feel materially deprived… teaching our kids Austrians economics, teaching our kids how to start and run their own enterprises and create job for themselves and others…

When job security is evaporating away, it makes sense to take complete ownership of our own jobs and nobody in this entire program is talking about that! These so-called experts sit on top of some organisation called Future Jobs Institute or whatever nice-sounding names and their job is to study why people are jobless…. Very soon these people too will lose their jobs and will be just as lost as all of us!

Teaching kids how to make robots… BUT didn’t we forget about something? Should we be also teaching kids how to own robots? When you cannot make one (as not all kids are good in making robots), does it not make sense to learn to save and invest in robots or robotic companies that employ people who can make and design robots? That’s why finance comes into the picture…

I mean why the hell do we need jobs in the first place? We need jobs because we need the money to survive.

If we have the money, do we need job? We need jobs (working for others) because we do not know how to create one for ourselves. When we can create job for ourselves (ie. jobs that we have complete ownership over) do we still have to worry about losing our jobs (that we don’t own)? 

Mainstream media is really for the zombies. Because they are made by zombies, about the zombies (ie, those ‘experts’ or expert zombies being interviewed in the programme), for the zombies! 

Watch it, but watch it quick. Don’t spend more than fifteen minutes a day on it… Anything more than that is an utter waste of your time, unless you have no better use for it of course and are as clue-less as the zombies!

The producers spend 44 minutes talking about why we are losing our jobs but did not spend a single minute suggesting some solution. That one solution can be summed in a three-word-sentence.

“Go read”