Forget about everything else, just think patience!

Patience allows you to focus. More patience helps you focus longer. 

Patience is the most powerful P word. Patience is more powerful than POWER.

Meditation is the most effective way in building patience.

No patience, no success.

You might be thinking of some very successful people who are very impatient. Not completely true. They sure have their patience in seeing things through. Otherwise, they will not be as successful as they are. But there is always room for improvements. They can still learn to be more patient than they are now. And if they do become more patient, they will be even more successful. 

Meditation can help them become more patient.

Patience is the source of all strength. Focus needs strength. No strength, no focus. Willpower is all about strength. Strength does not come automatically. It has to be cultivated, developed, pushed one step at a time, little by little in order to build up over time. And you need patience to do that. Patience can be cultivated one minute in each sitting, so on and so forth until you can sit still for 30 minutes or more in a stretch.

Successful investors are patient people. Very patient people. If they are not patient, they would not be able to endure long hours of research before they invest. If they don't do long and thorough research, will they be successful investors? if they cannot refrain from investing in something when nothing in fact meets their criteria for a sustained period of time Obviously not! Warren Buffett is known to say that the reason of his success is not so much due to what he has invested but rather it was due to the fact that he has said 'no' many times to countless investment 'opportunities'.

Successful mothers are patient mothers.

Successful wives are patient wives.

Probably that's why mothers are usually more influential (than fathers) on their children. 

So on that note, very quickly, successful fathers are patient fathers too.

Successful writers are patient writers.

Successful boxers are patient boxers. Even Mike Tyson, the guy publicly being perceived as a wild man, had to put in countless hours and years of training before he could become the heavyweight champion of the world. Don't just take it from me, read his book!

Successful artists are patient artists.

Successful teachers are patient teachers.

Except we don't call them as such - patient this or patient that.

But if we are to emulate their success, in our own personalised way of course, we have to see them for who they are. They are, above all names and adjectives, patient human beings.

What impatient person can boast of accomplishments of any significance at all, right?

So, even if you think you are successful but not a 'patient' person, you have to re-think. You must have done something right somewhere. If not, you will not enjoy that success today. You might be impatient with the people you work with but you definitely have been very patient with your work, checking your records, monitoring your own progress, ticking off every item on your daily to-do-list for years and decades on end, following up on every task and project you have started and seeing it through right till the end. Otherwise, you will not have this success. So stop saying you are a very 'impatient' person. You are just not patient enough for an even bigger success. You are patient in certain areas (namely, the work you do directly) but you are not very patient in other areas. For example, you are not very patient with your suppliers, family members, certain friends or certain matters. 

Now, imagine your patience level have increased over time (because you purposely want to improve it, by, say, meditating or whatever means), how much more successful you'd become right?

Take a step further, go past the "catch phrases" to find out that they all refers to just one thing - patience. For example, when you hear people say "Do you have what it takes?", it really means, "Do you have the PATIENCE (ie willpower) to see it through???"

When people say, "He's not up to scratch" It really means, "He hasn't the slightest bit of PATIENCE to overcome any challenge that comes his way."

From now on, whatever it is, think PATIENCE and you will go far, my friend!