Want to know how your 12-month holiday can earn you an Australia PR?

Want to know how your 12-month holiday (in Australia or New Zealand) can earn you an Australia PR Visa?

 From left to right: Michael Soong, Ilja Thomas Gull and Ken Soong.

 From left to right: Michael Soong, Ilja Thomas Gull and Ken Soong.

Dear readers,

I am Ken writing from Melbourne, Australia. A few years ago, my brother Michael, Ilja (our friend from Switzerland) and I set out to write Making It in Australia: Stories That Inspire. This book (if you want it for FREE, write me an email now) contains transcripts of interviews with twenty enterprising individuals on how they have achieved and still are achieving remarkable success in Australia despite the challenges they faced.

We learnt a lot from our interviewees – what they do and what they don’t do. Whenever they have an idea or a plan, they will take immediate action to test out their ideas. For them, one thing leads to another. That was (and still is) how and why they keep on getting more successful.

Then there is one thing they don’t do. They never procrastinate. If they are not satisfied with their current situation, they will go all out to find ways to improve it.

Are you happy with your life right now? If every morning you are commuting to and from work like a zombie, it is perhaps time for you to do something about it. Take that step you have always been postponing. If working and living in a totally new environment is something you want, what is really stopping you other than yourself?

I have published a report entitled How Your Work & Holiday Visa Can Lead to an Australian PR Visa? to help you explore the possibilities that are open to you while living in Australia on your Work and Holiday Visa or living in New Zealand on your Working Holiday Visa.

To receive this RM20 report, follow the two simple steps: 

  1. Bank in RM20 into my Maybank account. (Account name: Soong Kean Hui, Account number: 1141 9726 7854)
  2. Send me a brief email to khsoong@hotmail.com informing that you have banked in the money.

You will receive your report within 24 hours from the moment you bank in the money and send me your email.

If you happen to visit Melbourne, do drop me an email. In the meantime, keep well and all the best!

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Bank account details: Maybank / 1141 9726 7854 / Soong Kean Hui 

Once you have banked in the money, please send an email to khsoong@hotmail.comIn your email, please write down the titles of the books you are purchasing.

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