A case of saying too much and doing too little.

"Times have changed. All the young people are like that these days. What can we do?" Sounds familiar? Maybe it has some truths in it but definitely it cannot be completely true. You mean to say that suddenly in this generation, all the people would become useless? Or is it just an excuse (from the parents who said the above lines) for not being able to discipline their children or instil in them proper values because they do not live the values they publicly proclaim to the world that they cherish and preach but never practised them privately???? Something to seriously consider.

Sometimes, as adults, we have a way to philosophise and even hypnotise ourselves so magically that we manage to trick ourselves into believing that whatever bad that we have done does not actually come from our real selves. When we say or do nasty things, we blame it on our egos - saying that we were not being our usual selves. But when we happen to say or do nice things, we say that we are being ourselves - our true selves.

When we say "all the youths are like that one lah (ie. not as 'good' as when we were young) today" are we saying that suddenly there aren't any 'good' youths anymore - in this generation???

There are 'good' and 'bad' youths in every generation, this generation is no different. To be "good" or to be "bad", it is a matter of choice.

If we want our children to do well, we must do well - not just talk well.