Why you need to boss yourself?

Short answer:

You need to boss yourself because as far as your world is concerned, you are bigger than Mr Obama and Mr Li combined.

Long answer:

If you don't have a plan for yourself, you will find yourself existing in someone else's plan. It's OK to exist in someone else's plan if that someone is also in your plan but it is not OK if you exist in his/her plan but not vice versa.

If you don't know what you want for yourself, eventually someone will know what they want from you - for themselves!

If you don't believe in yourself, you will have to believe in someone else.

You cannot be truly happy and free when you exist only in someone else's plan, if you don't know what you truly want in life and somehow believing that some day, someone will come along, something will happen, and you will finally be happy and free.

We all know it will not happen that way yet we all live as if it will because we never really confront these issues upfront. Why? That is because we have been too busy chasing this goal and that prize around us but we have never paid much attention within ourselves, to look within ourselves and ask ourselves what we really want in life. Because if we do that, we will realise that it is absolutely impossible to be free when we allow ourselves to be bossed around by others. Even if we are the most competent follower (of our leader) or the most loyal and well-rewarded lieutenant (of our employer), we will never be truly free. Just because we cannot afford to quit our job right here and right now and be our own boss does not mean we cannot boss ourselves first before anyone else bosses us around.

By "bossing yourself", I mean knowing what you want in life, having a life purpose and living it every minute of your day and every day of your life, and constantly moving towards your goals that are in line with your life purpose. Once you have that in place, you see people around who can help you achieve your goals. You see people who are in line with your life purpose. Or better still, you see people who can help you achieve your goals and are in line with your life purpose. You then single these individuals out and connect with them at a heightened level than you would with the rest. 

How do you connect? You share.

What do you share? Something of value.

You share something of great value with them. Something even more valuable than money namely ideas, knowledge, encouragement, moral support, gratitude, kindred spirit, love, care and anything that is good for self-development and personal fulfilment. I don't know how far you would agree with Zig Ziglar's quote which says, "If you help enough people get what they want, you will get whatever you want in life." But the older I have become and the more have have come to see the wisdom of Ziglar's philosophy. Sounds simple enough, but never easy to live by.  

These people you connect with will help you in different ways. Namely, your boss will help you in terms of salary, job stability (perhaps short term stability at least), professional development and personal growth, mentoring and whatever. Your wife will help you in terms of taking care of the kids when you are at work etc... Your colleague might be an expert in website design, digital marketing and e-commerce and he/she will help you monetize your skill and ideas online. You might have an experienced real estate agent and lawyer among your close friends. Or you might find your tax accountant a trustworthy person. All these people deserve more attention from you. Connect with them. Find out what their wants and needs are. Offer them help as a friend without wanting anything in return. Yet at the same time, never be afraid to ask for advice. And if they do give you advice or any form of help, make sure you show your gratitude and always find an opportunity to repay them with utmost sincerity. 

Do this over time, and you will see yourself moving closer and closer towards living the life you want, ticking off the goals one after another.

In the comfort of your own working desk at your home, you are the 100% shareholder of your own life. You may not be the Founder (because the two co-founders are your parents) but since the birthday on which you have legally become an adult, you have acquired full ownership of You Inc. Technically, you are also the Chairman/Director/CEO of your own life. You might have advisers, consultants, mentors and contractors on board but you are at the help of it all calling the shots and being ultimately responsible for every success and failure of your decisions.

This is why you need to boss yourself.

Boss yourself to do what? Everyone has his/her plans. But I'd like to suggest that you have financial freedom high on your list. Because without financial freedom in these highly inflationary and uncertain times, you will constantly be restricted and held back from realising your truest potential as a contributing member of our society or as a human being for that matter!

Unless of course you have achieved the status of someone as spiritual or influential as Mahatma Gandhi. Then it will be a different story. People like Gandhi don't need to have personal savings or a bank account yet he can mobilise hundreds of thousands of people and resources (which of course includes money) for the sake of his personal (which of course was almost in line with his peoples') cause of the day.

So, if you aren't Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr, you'd better be pushing financial freedom to the very top of your agenda. It is precisely because money isn't the most important thing in life that we need to get it out of the way as soon as possible so that we can focus on the things that matter most in your life ie. doing your favourite things in your favourite places with your loved ones, right?

Unfortunately, we have not been educated to look at financial freedom as our goal in life. Since young, we have been educated by the system, our schools, our teachers and our parents to become engineers, doctors, lawyers, engineers and accountants, period. Nothing wrong with aiming to become professionals if that's what you really want. But becoming a doctor per say is not enough. That's more like fulfilling the society's dream but not your own. Even then, you are not serving society at your highest potential. Why:? Who would benefit the society - a debt-ridden doctor (who sees his patients as a source of income to pay off his debt caused by his lack of financial education) or a doctor who is financially free? 

You life does not fully begin until and unless you start bossing yourself.

You owe it to yourself to boss yourself. When our plumber does a less-than-satisfactory, we demand our money back. But when we shortchanged ourselves by sleeping in, postponing our self-imposed deadlines, do we demand our money back? Why? That's because we let ourselves off the hook by not bossing ourselves without realising that by doing so, we will always be bossed around by some dudes whom we might not even know! 

Cut off those strings by being your own boss. Stop letting our employers boss around by raising our standards so high that we turn the table around. You still work for your employer, yes, but it will be on your term. You make yourself so good that your employer feel he/she's been cheating with that stagnant salary that he/she's been paying you! Now, that's when your life gets exciting because it is going the way you want it to go. You are going somewhere. 

You only start to go somewhere when you start bossing yourself.

The good thing about bossing yourself is you can start right here right now. When you get home tonight, your desk is your HQ. Your control room. Where it all begins! 

I'll see you around, boss!