Where is Nhill, Victoria? (postcode: 3418)

Recently, some Nhill officials (Hindmarsh Shire Council) came down to AMES Werribee to give a talk about the prospect for migrants (especially the Karen community from Myanmar) who want relocate to Nhill. It is located about four and a half to five hours' drive from Melbourne CBD. A colleague told me there are now around 60 Karen families living there. An averaged sized 3-bedroom house there would cost around $100K to $150K.

That is about one fifth the price of a similar type of house in most Melbourne suburbs. If you are a doctor, nurse, teacher or mechanic or production worker who enjoys living in a one-horse town (16,000 in population) and have been given a job offer, you might want to consider Nhill. According to the councilor who spoke that day, the community is very keen to have more new settlers in Nhill especially if they have plans to start a restaurant there. Looks like Nhill residents are tired of fish and chips, charcoal chicken, pizza, leomon chicken and combination fried rice (yes, there is a Chinese restaurant in Nhill already) all the time!


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