Something that Chan Chun Sing says here, makes a lot of sense.

If no time, please watch from 39th minute to 45th minute. Singapore Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing said this,


"How can we prevent government policies esp subsidies turning into an auction at an election?  We have seen this all over the world. In trying to get elected, some guy will say i promise more than the next guy. And after a while the whole system unravels. This is one of the biggest problems of any political system in the world. It is always easy to do one-up-man-ship. Now, the only way to check against this is not a political system per say, but an enlightened electorate. Whenever someone promises to do more, we obviously have to ask more like how do you balance the books, and how are you going to bring that about? Those are tough questions and it is only responsible for any political parties who promised to do more to similarly say how are you going to do it, from what means, in what ways and in what magnitude."  

What Chan says is so true and this is exactly what I have witnessed one election after another in Australia, not to mention the highly publicized US presidential election is also like that. Every political leader is spending future adults' money, ruthlessly enslaving future generations of the country.