The reward of liking what you dislike.

No matter how important it is that you feel that you must pursue your passion, you must still do things you dislike. In fact you should do certain things you don't necessary like in order to keep on travelling on the path that you are passionate in. 
In life u just have to do things you dislike. It is easy to like things you like, love things you love. We all are capable of doing that.

But if you want to be above average, or even better, you should find it within you to love things you hate and like things you dislike so that u can live life in the way you would really love to live - with full satisfaction. One can get no satisfaction if all he has gone thru is pleasant nice and dandy. Even roses has thorns. Only when the sky is at its darkest that a star can shine at its brightest.

"In life you have to do things you dislike." a quote from Dr Marc Farber.