On guarantees...

Recently a project of mine has been met with total failure. Moment of truth came out last week. I am working on another project now. I guess you can call that an improved version of the last one. It was started a few days ago. Not easy. At times, I feel very hopeful. At times, I don't see how this time it will turn out any differently. Not an easy feeling - these few days.

I was doing my dishes after lunch thinking about how my current project will turn out. Then I realized something. I realized that it was really no point thinking too much about the outcome when I have not done all that I need to

I know I cannot guarantee the next one will be a success. Nobody can guarantee me that. Even my most die-hard supporters. But I can guarantee that I will try until I succeed - even if i die trying. Gandhi died trying to unite his people. Yet nobody would call him a failure. I will continue in my own small way no matter how small people think it is.