Are times really getting tougher?

Times are getting tougher.

We like to think that today's youths are having an easier time compared to our times especially when we 'lecture' them.

But when we are not lecturing them, we privately worry for them because we think they will face a tougher future compared to our past.

When we decide to see the world in a certain way we will find all kinds of facts to support our claim. That means, when we say the world is getting tougher, of course we are right, we think. "Don't believe me? Just look at the facts!" But when we decide to see that our kids are having an easier time compared to when we were young, again we are right as well, we think. Don't believe me? Just look at the (ie. an opposite set of) facts! 

Maybe we are all too smart for our own good. Being too quick to judge, too analytical, too critical or too 'sharp' is actually doing no good to our wisdom. We remain on the same spot.

How about we start judging less and living more? Let our kids see more of how we live rather than listening to us about how we think they should live their lives

You see, if we think times will only get tougher and tougher, we will be cowed into pushing our kids to learn this and do that and end up stealing away their childhood and all the ups and downs of growing up. If we think they are having it so much easier than us, we will end up distancing ourselves from them, resulting in even less understanding about our kids.

Maybe times are not getting any tougher. Times are just changing. Maybe some (not all, of course) things about us, our ways and our thinking should change too. Using last century's ways to solve this century's problems is bound to lead to some real problems.

Maybe times aren't getting any easier either. Our kids might have all the conveniences in life that we never knew (could never imagine) in our childhood, but we all know they have other challenges we would never have to encounter.

Whatever it is, our kids' lives are tough enough as it is, just like how tough it was for us - assuming we had really tough childhood. The least we can do is get their 'problems from my parents' out of the way.

Don't be the intelligent and ever-judgmental parent. Be a wiser human being

In the end it is the wise human being who would live a happier life than a super intelligent human being.