Anyone watched Sully yet?

Watched Sully last week. Amazing story. It is amazing how quickly the human brain can work when a life-and-death decision is needed in a matter of seconds. Captain Sully decided that he should land on the Hudson instead of trying to fly back to the airport and in the end managed to save everyone's lives. The true incident happened in the winter of 2009.

This movie reminded me of the 2004 tsunami where a 10 year old girl saved more than one hundred tourists on a beach in Phuket Island. Just two weeks ago, while still at school back in the UK, she learnt in her geography class that when the tide goes out and foams and bubbles are visible on the surface of the sea, tsunami will follow. She quickly alerted her parents who in turn told the hotel staff who quickly mobilised a few buses to take the tourists to higher grounds \just moments before Because of her quick thinking, there was zero casualty on the beach she was at that day. As you know, other beaches saw many lives being lost.

Can we have brains that work like those of the pilot who brought the plane down safely on the Hudson River in 2009 or Tilly Smith, the 10 year old girl who alerted the adults around her about the tsunami just before it happened back in 2004?

For the past few weeks, I happen to be fortunate enough to be one of the selected mentees at Tansel Insitute being mentored by the Four-time Australian Memory Champion and a world leading memory expert Mr Tansel Ali. So now my answer is YES. (Before this amazing mentoring program, I would just tell you no way!) Tansel has shown me how our brains, my brain, can actually be re-wired. Our brains can be trained to do things we never thought possible. it is called neuro-plasticity. You probably heard of that word before.

We go to gym to train our body. But how many of us are really training our brains regularly? Do you train yours? If yes, please share how you train.

Anyone watched Sully? What do you think of the movie?