Job hunting tips in Australia

The job market can generally be divided into two types - the public and the private job market. The jobs in the public job market are publicly advertised whereas those in the private aren't. Some of us, or rather, most of us (including myself) pay attention only to the first type of market. I'm not saying we rule out the second type completely. If the second type of job opportunity comes along, we sure would grab it too, right? But we only direct our efforts to search for jobs that are being publicly advertised. In economically challenging times, this can prove fatal. Treating it like a numbers game does not automatically increase our chances if all we do is sending out cover letters and CVs mindlessly.

We all know about the private job market and how we should expand and deepen our personal contacts in order to tap into the private job market. Yet, we (or at least, I, used to) ignore it because we know it takes time. We always want immediate or quick outcome. So, we only focus on public job market. No wonder we find it so tough to land ourselves a job - especially during economically challenging times.

But if we make it a habit and way of life to expend and deepen our contacts on a regular and ongoing basis, to genuine know and value our friends, former colleagues or acquaintances and enjoy the rapport and friendship, we will improve our employment opportunities faster than we would have thought.

Some still aren't convinced. "I'm an introvert, so I don't network" so they say. Introverts or not, we all depend on our network. Some still don't see how efforts directed at the private job market will bring outcomes faster than efforts directed at the public job market. Well, here's the good (or 'good') news. If you are right now living in Australia, you will know how difficult it is to even get a job interview from the job applications that you have sent out - let alone succeeding in the job interview! This just renders the 'faster outcome' argument irrelevant, does it not?