Next Step vs Next Rep

Everyone focus on what their next step, next big plan, next big project, next level should be. Not many are willing to think about their next rep.
How to improve it further, how to have a system of generating better reps in the future.

Next rep is about the basics, the foundation, the seemingly trivial, simple uninteresting stuff but is in fact the only thing that really matters more than anything else that comes after it.

I think truly effective people get excited over less exciting stuff like next rep. Less effective people people get bored with next rep and focus too much on next rep because it excites them so much more!

Coming up with realisation such as described in these words and then writing them out here is enjoyable and definitely more exciting than living them out in our daily practice. Yet it is the living it out that makes the real difference, not just the writing and the reading parts. Good start but does not guarantee equally good results.

Sometimes, the only way to get to the next step is through a series of next reps!