Let it go, let it go...

Life is about letting go. Yes, we need to do this, go there and complete that for survival or because of this and that... bla blah blah...
But end of the day, we still have to let go and move on.

We need money for its functionality and usefulness. But if we do not let go some of it, we will not be able to benefit from it.

We need love, but if we do not let go to a certain extent, whoever we love will feel restraint.

And this morning, when I was meditating, I had this little insight. The breathing in and out is also the same. Every time we breathe in, the next step has to be breathing out because we have to let go of what we needed to grab hold of just now.

The very breath of air we breathed in had to be breathed out in the next instance. We must let go, right? Well then someone might say we cannot be continuously letting go, right? For example, after breathing out, we must breathe in again, right? Yes, that's right. But even the very act of letting go has to be let go of so that we can then breathe in again the very next moment.

This also reminds me of a talk by Ajahn Brahm. He held up a glass half-filled with water and ask if this glass is light or heavy. Most people answered that it is light and some responded by saying, however much it weighs, it's surely not heavy at all. Most people would tend to agree, right? Then Ajahn Brahm said, yes it is 'light' or 'not heavy at all'. "But if I were to hold this glass for the next 24 hours, is that going to feel light or heavy? Enough said, I know you get the picture now.

What a wise way to point out the importance of letting go.

Wish you all a productive day today. Just don't forget to let go, alright?