Too many choices for our own good? Or it's just that we are not good enough for the choices?

We hv enough choices on the net to get what we want. We can even study for an engineering degree from MIT for free or a complete law degree from Cambridge for free.

At the same time, we have too many choices on the net to distract us from staying on course all the way through to the very emd of our course.

So, more than ever, we need to train our mind to stay focus and be still and not be distracted by all the noises around us.

Learning how our mind works has never been more exciting and helpful as it is now where a big part of our ancient wisdom can be and have been backed by scientific studies and empirical data. And they too have never been as accessible as it is right now.

This is the best time as well as the worst time to learn. It all depends on how we use what we have at the end of our finger tips, to click on the really useful knowledge or the very destructive distractions.

Again, a question of how we use what we already have rather than what we have right now. What the privileged have on their smart phone the working class also have, right? It is how we use them now.