When the push comes to shove...

Often times, we cannot choose what would happen to us in life. But we can choose to control all the things we can control to make sure we have the highest likelihood of the outcome we want. 

Often times, we cannot decide how much time we have in our lifetime to spend with our lived ones. But we can surely control how many happy moments we can have within the given time we spend with our loved ones.

By 'happy moments', I mean the moments when both of you (and your loved one/family/parents etc...) accept, appreciate and support each other and enjoying each other's company.

End of the day, when our loved ones would eventually leave us one day, or when we leave our loved ones behind, what matters to the person being left behind is not how much time you guys got to spend together but how many happy moments you guys have shared.

When the push comes to shove, it is the happy moments that count. 

To be very honest, whether we like it or not, or whether you like to hear this or not, we really have no control over how long we will live. That's why it is so important to make sure we invest happiness in whatever amount of time we have with out loved ones. So that when that inevitable day comes, there will be no regrets both for the departed or the survived.

Cherish your loved ones by investing in moments of happiness every second/minute/hour/day we have on this earth..