Truth doesn't have to be ugly or boring...

There are many definitions and explanations of what truth is. One of them I found on Google is "a fact or belief that is accepted as true." Am not here to debate if this definition is good enough or not. I think "truths" are events that reflect the pattern of law of nature. Hot air moves up. Cold air moves down. Treat people with respect and people will most likely to reciprocate.

Truths are supposed to be commonsensical to the extent that it can be boring most of the time - especially when they are being told by a parent/teacher to a child/student most of of the time.

I am writing this with  my parental/teacher's thinking hat on right now. The question before us is how can parents/teachers make their teachings (or sharing of truths) more interesting to their children/students? 

Truths doesn't have to be boring if we live it ourselves. The children/students will then be able to not only hear about them, but also get to see them in action and feel their presence as well. That's when truths becoming useful and helpful to them. Also, truths does not be presented to them as the absolute truths. Truths should also not appear to be taught/lectured to them. Just share it with them. Encourage them to think for themselves. Let them absorb what is useful and reflect on what they think at that time is rubbish and get them to explain why they think it is such.

This way, truths can perhaps be more easily communicated, talked about and thought over and contemplated on between both the speaker and the listener. A win-win situation can also thus be created.