Acceptance is the most precious gift

Kids might not be able to articulate all their ideas and thoughts but they sure know what love is. So, don't go round telling kids we love them and whatever we do we do them for their own good, especially when we go on a rant on and on...

If we love them, accept them for who they are as kids will be kids. Of course I'm not saying we should spoil them and not discipline them. But when we 'punish' them for doing the wrong thing, we must make sure we are not using that (the scolding) as an excuse to thrash out all the frustrations and anger we have inside us, those nonsense we take in from our work or bad drivers on the road.

Because if we do, we will, most often than not, use words that cut them like a knife and when we are in a good mood again, we tell our kids daddy was just having a bad day. But what we might not see on the inside is that the kid might have internalized them (those hurtful words that should not have been said).

Of course, humans make that kind of mistakes all the time. Or once in a while. The goal is to be more conscious of ourselves and reduce the likelihood of that happening.

That's why I also believe that the best way to help our children is to help ourselves first. So 'teach' them not just by the words we say to them but also by our actions.

I read somewhere a quote that says, kids don't follow our advice, they follow our examples. I certainly did that when I was a kid.