Bicep curls for our patience muscles

When people try to get on our nerves, they are testing our patience. We can explode or we can see how far we can go with the test.

Had a driver who spent 7 minutes or so to leave his parking lot. For a while I thought he was still waiting for someone or had no intention to leave even though I saw his light turned on.

And when you know that he knows that you are waiting patiently behind, it really has the potential to get on your nerves and to not only increase your blood pressure but also to heat up your blood temperature.

Eventually, when the car started moving slowing out of the lot, you can’t help but feel tempted to conclude that he really is here to test your patience - a real life test purposefully designed and conducted to find out just how much patience you have today.

Patience. So important and yet so underrated these days and even has been mistaken by many to be a sign of weakness. Don’t let our ego fool us. It is definitely not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength.

The most powerful P word in English is not power but patience, if you really think about it.