Big success, small success...

Big success or small success, they are all achieved one day at a time.

Every day, with each right action, we move towards that destination we call 'success' one action at a time.

Every action, in turn, is accomplished one breath at a time. If that action takes twenty breaths (for example one set of 20-rep push-ups), then after twenty breaths,we'd have completed one set of push-ups.

Eric Thomas said, 'If you want success as badly as you want to breathe, you WILL succeed."

If that's how we want to see it, then, logically speaking, success is built one breath at a time. Sometimes, as Ajahn Brahm says, "The hardest part in life is thinking about it."

It's NOW time to stop thinking (stop browsing FB) and start breathing.

Let every breath we take brings us closer to the outcome we want.