What do you mean you are not good enough?

What do you mean you’re not good enough? All the rags-to-riches stories are bout one thing.

And that one thing is how to use what we have to get what we don't have and want. You have no money? Use your ideas and actions to make them work and exchange them with people who want to pay for them.

Of course we’re not good enough for the standard we aspire to reach. But that’s not going to happen today no matter how badly we want it.

But what we should be thinking of instead is NOW. We might not be good enough for our aspired standard two years from now RIGHT NOW, but hey, we are definitely good enough for the standard we have NOW! The question is are we being the best that we can be now?

That’s using what we have right now to the fullest to be the best that we can be now.

That’s the only thing that should matter. NOW. Not yesterday not tomorrow. Good to reminiscent sometimes. Good to set future goals of course. But we should never let the past and the future distract us from the real work we need to do right now.

Otherwise how else can we use what we have right now to get what we don’t have but want to have tomorrow? The starting point is here and now.

It is here and now that we can break away from past patterns and limitations because they belong to the past.

It is also here and now that we can not worry about the future because again it is not real. It belongs to our imagination. The more we worry about the future the more those worries will materialise because they distract us from doing the real work now which will eventually help us shape our future the way we want it.

In other words, the rags-to-riches stories are about doing what you can do with whatever you have right now and not worrying bout what you can’t do or don’t have now.

If we think this way, there will be no more self doubts to hold us back. Doubts are not real. They are always doubtful and therefore doubtable in every way.

The only thing we should doubt is doubt itself.