As history unfolds...

Never underestimate what one person, especially one who is more than 90years old, can do to an entire nation.

I now look around and find that many older people aren’t that old anymore. I must admit that I regarded them as being too old and are becoming not as relevant as before. I now realise that my perception was mostly wrong.

Since the momentous event on 9 May 2018 I have also realised now that things are more possible than I had thought. It is almost impossible to imagine the Opposition victory without the leadership of Tun M. Yes Tun alone would not have done it without the acceptance of and help from so many towering figures of the Oppostion. People like Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and also not forgetting the beloved late Karpal Singh plus a whole list of other Oppsotion members and supporters and the voting Rakyats.

You see this event has renewed my faith in this principle of taking good care of one self, being one’s best friend (not worst enemy) and making yourself useful to yourself first, changing and improving oneself first is the single most important first step in helping our family, community and the whole country. Actually our GE results have given hopes to many other nationalities as well. People who don’t follow Malaysian politics were moved to tears. They cried tears of joy for not only the Rakyat of Malaysia but for righteousness for good overcoming evil and for doing something for the greater good.

The road ahead is tough. Let’s not over ameliorate the Malaysian socio-economic and political landscape going forward. But when I watch the meeting of two great men, Robert Kuok saluting to Tun M, my respect for the two men lit up like Rosmah’s hair-spray covered hair going up in flames.

Two men well above their 90s, getting back to work to put their country back on track to becoming a developed nation by 2020. What can be more inspiring than that?

kuok tun M.jpg


I know there will still be a group of people who will still complain no matter who their leaders are and what they do. They have made complaining about Malaysian politics as their way of life for too long. But, honestly, when you see Tun M and Mr Kuok, both in their 90s, working together to rebuild their country, do you still have a reason to complain?

Where in the world have you seen men so old and yet so forward looking and so actively committed to their country’s affairs?

If the Great American Dream is about the possibility of working hard to advance one’s personal interests, then the Impian Raya Malaysia should be about living a clean lifestyle, stay healthy and asking what you can do for your country so that your country will in turn be able to do more for your children and grandchildren.

I am previleged to have witnessed this series of historic events unfold in my lifetime. I see what Tun M doing now as being comparable to what Deng did for China in his final years.

Men capable of putting their egos aside to right their past wrongs must not be taken lightly.

They deserve nothing less than respect, support and encouragement. Perceiving them this way, we can at least still learn something precious from them, rather than just criticising for the sake of criticising.