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Chetan Saligrama's assessment of the job opportunities in Australia:

Please watch from minute 3:20 of the clip. I asked Chetan how he felt about the job opportunities in Australia as compared to Asian countries. For someone who managed to start and run a successful company in Australia, Chetan had been really frank about the upside and downside of the Australian job market. I personally feel he has been very objective in his assessment. Hear him out yourself and let me know what you think.





Kampung Makes Good!!!

RAGS to riches stories that are always inspiring to read, hence, titles such as “Kampung boy makes good” appear in our newspapers and magazines.

When you read them, you will most likely come across clichés like "You can take the boy out of the kampung, but you will never take the kampung out of the boy", which I think is true.

Most successful people are where they are today because they have always been true to themselves and are steadfastly proud of their roots. I would even venture to say that they were able to make it because they never forgot who they really are.

But there are also many kampung boys and girls who are still struggling to make it outside their villages.

They are still waiting for that day to arrive with practically no hope at the end of the tunnel. “What is so unusual about that?”, you might ask. They are not your average people who lack the drive to succeed or the skills to perform or even the right attitude to persevere.

These are highly qualified people who had taken the advice of their parents, teachers and elders, worked hard in school, got their scholarships, and managed to successfully get out of their kampung, earned themselves a place in one of the Ivy League universities, and then they were promised a future filled with all the rewards that their hard work would one day bring to them and their families.

But the realities of today’s hardship brought about by the unprecedented dynamism have never been properly understood by their former teachers, parents and elders back in their kampung or home country.

Too many Malaysians are still living in the realities of the past and have failed to see the opportunities that are opening right in front of their eyes, as we write and speak right here right now.

While many foreigners from West are moving to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand because of the economic opportunities, we (literally Micahel and I) moved to Australia only to find that the trend is going from bad to worse here. Sooner or later, by the time we retire in Australia (if we still do not leave by then), the government will run out of pension. Already our Treasurer Joe Hockey has said that the income support (welfare) payment cannot be sustained. It reached $70billion a year this year.

On another occasion, he told the press that Medicare is running OUT of money. On the contrary, Malaysia and the region of ASEAN is poised for another round of economic growth for at least the next two decades. So let us now be reminded, the potential of Malaysia’s and ASEAN growth and prospects.

The “kampung boy-makes-good” statements are increasingly becoming irrelevant to many kampung today.

What should be a more appropriate title is: “Kampung makes good, but when are our boys and girls coming home?


Not everyone can start and run a business but everyone should at least be able to start a Muse! Hear Tim out below...