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Australia's Migration Programme

The Australia's permanent immigration programme has two components - the migration & humanitarian components:

1.   The migration component consists of:

      - skill stream migrants

      - family stream migrants

      - special eligibility migrants

2.   The humanitarian component is for refugees & others in

      humanitarian need.

The planning level for the 2015-16 Migration Programme is set at    190 000 places.

Frequently Asked Questions from our readers:


1. What is SkillSelect?

SkillSelect is an online system that enables skilled workers interested in migrating to Australia to record their details to be considered for a skilled visa through an Expression of Interest (EOI).


2. What is Skilled Occupations List?

The current Skilled Occupation List (SOL) is relevant for applicants for:

  • independent points-based skilled migration who are not nominated by a state or territory government agency

  • a Family Sponsored Points Tested visa

  • Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) - Graduate Work stream.

3. What is Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List?

The current Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL) is relevant for applicants for:

  • points-based skilled migration who are nominated by a state or territory government agency under a State Migration Plan

  • the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS), who must have been nominated by an Australian employer to fill a position in an occupation that appears in the CSOL

  • the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457)

  • the Training and Research visa (subclass 402).

For more information on the Australian Migration Programme, please visit this blog. It is a blog created by The Department of Immigration and Border Protection of the Australian Federal Government where you get the latest information straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak.



Six things to watch out for before migrating to Australia...




Why Darwin is an attractive option when choosing which Australian city you want to migrate to? - by Ken Soong


Jim Rogers in his two round-the-world trips which took him to Australia commented that Northern Territory is one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia. With its close proximity to East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Southeast Asia, it is an important gateway for both Australia and Asian businesses and travelers.

jim rogers signs.jpg

According to Darwin-based property developer Abode New Homes, the top twenty reasons to invest in Darwin are:

1. Asia’s gateway with Australia
2. Lifestyle
3. Population growth
4. Property market performance
5. Northern Territory economy
6. Investment in local infrastructure
7. Sound economic base
8. Future projects
9. The INPEX Gas project
10. Construction and property
11. Defence
12. Defence Support Hub
13. Education
14. Fisheries and aquaculture
15. Manufacturing
16. Darwin Marine Supply Base
17. Mining
18. Oil and gas
19. Primary industries
20. Tourism

One might question the validity and accuracy of Abode’s information which sounds more like a sales pitch than an objective or some reliable research finding. It is obviously in Abode’s best economic interest to have more Australians move over to live in Darwin.

Thus, it makes sense to check out more facts.

Here are more facts.

In another article, Melbourne projected to become Australia’s biggest city, written by Ray Clancy, published by Australia Forum, it was mentioned that Darwin had enjoyed the highest population growth in Australia over the last four decades.

According to Worldometers, Australia’s population grew 1.23% in the previous year whereas according to an article published by NT News, Darwin’s grew by 3%!

Rogers also predicted that when Indonesian becomes more developed further down the track, Darwin will have benefit even more from the incoming tourists, international students, investors, migrants and home buyers coming from its northern neighbour which, at slightly more than 250 million, has the fourth largest population in the world.

If you have to come to Australia, and have not decided which city you want to live in, you might want to fly to Darwin to have a look for yourself.