Comments from media & readers:


"No sugar-coating. The book tells it as it is."

Kerry-Ann Augustin, New Straits Times

17 August 2014


"It is difficult not to like the authors per se with their modest and unpretentious style of writing but there are weaknesses in the book. It its endeavour to cast too wide of a net, the authors remain undecided to drill any firm points despite the title with a triple question mark; indicating and implying a strongly opinionated piece at the first impression to a reader.

Nevertheless, the book does provide some valuable arguments and thoughts, and could be a light read for those Malaysian dwelling with the idea of migrating to Australia."

Narinder Singh, Free Malaysia Today 

29 November 2013



"It provides an insightful view of the socio-economic and political landscape of Australia, busting myths and perceptions "hopeful" migrants have in minds. Being a migrant to Belgium now, I can relate some of the points shared by the authors. The grass is not always greener on the other side. As a long stay visa holder in Belgium, I enjoy the facilities and benefits provided by the government and also the right to vote as a resident. However, I will never forget my roots as a Malaysian as there are some things that are just not as good as home. Food for sure. Starting a new life in a new country is not easy. At least for those migrating to Australia, language is not a barrier!"

Lim Eiling, Brussel-based Malaysian writer of 3iLinG the lifestyle blog

4 April 2014


"Dear Ken & Michael, I really find your book interesting and informative. Your book helped furnish me with the missing data needed to make up my mind about Australia.  The other point that we are in agreement in is the investment in Gold. I wrote a book titled – Engineering Your Road to Financial Freedom early this year and one of the key things I mentioned was hedging our money against gold since we are all just using FIAT money since 1971.

This was supposed to be a short note to say thank you but is has gotten pretty long. Better end here. Cheers!"

JH Lee, author of Engineering Your Road to Financial Freedom

23 September 2013



"Two Malaysian brothers have written a tell-all book Migrating to Australia Good Meh??? to "shed light" on migrant lives and help readers make an informed decision."

Foo Jie Ying, The New Paper (Singapore Press Holdings)

2 October 2013


"The book offers a variety of noteworthy discussions and anecdotal accounts as opposed to the common one-size-fits-all instruction manual, as most immigration seminars tend to be."

Melizarani T Selva, The Star

10 November 2013






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