In the early 2000s, Chetan Saligrama came to Australia study Master of Engineering at RMIT University. He worked part time as a call centre staff to pay for his living expenses. Today, he owns several customer service centres (in India, Australia and Europe) servicing MNCs across the world. His company Thoughtworld Pty Ltd has been voted one of the fastest growing companies in Australia. We managed to catch up with Chetan to talk about his story. We are very grateful that he had agreed to take part in our Making It in Australia book project where we share inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who are making it in Australia as we speak! 


From left to right: Ilja T Gull, Chetan Saligrama & Ken Soong

This is an interview with Chetan Saligrama conducted on the Friday morning 20 September 2013. In this close to an hour interview, Chetan speaks about his cricket days, his formative years, the influence his parents have on him, his deep appreciation for his family especially his brother and his wife, how he manages his company, and his outlook for the industry and the world economy in general.

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